Unparalleled Security & Governance in Data Analytics

Experience the synthesis of rapid data insights and industry-leading security measures, ensuring every query is both informative and secure.
Intelligence-Grade Security
The Clarative team has been building tight rails around AI for mission-critical use cases for in security-minded industries like manufacturing, defense, and intelligence for years.
Single-Tenant Architecture
Each client is unique, and so is their architecture. With our single-tenant structure, we ensure an isolated environment, delivering a personalized, private, and secure experience.
Your Data Remains Yours
Trust is a two-way street. While our platform simplifies data access across your organization, we ensure your data remains private. We never use your data for training or any other purpose outside your specific queries.
AI-Native Security
AI-native security vulnerabilities differ from traditional software vulnerabilities due to the unique architecture and functionality of AI models. Our platform mitigates all of the OWASP LLM attack vectors and many more AI-native security threats.
Encrypted Everywhere
We encrypt all data in-transit and at-rest. We employ AES-256 encryption and we use TLS 1.2 and above for all data in-transit. These measures ensure your data is always protected throughout its lifecycle within our platform.
We know from our experience building AI systems for the defense sector that it is critical to keep the human-in-the-loop when it comes to decision making. We surface all AI processing for potential human audit and incorporate human decision making at every step.
Private Models, Your Way
Your operational style, your choice. Choose from private models, inclusive of open-source options, to tailor your experience without compromising on security.
Streamlined Governance
Consolidate control with clarity. Automatically find and tag PII & PHI. See what data is most (and least) used in your organization. Automatically find old or unused data for archival or deletion.
Seamless SSO Integration
Integrate effortlessly. With available integrations for both OIDC and SAML, single sign-on (SSO) is a breeze, ensuring easy access without compromising on security.
For those who demand nothing but the best in data security and governance.
Dive into real-time data analytics with the peace of mind you deserve.
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