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Data Analytics

Using Clarative Fortune 500 data analysts save time
At a large, Fortune 500 eCommerce company, Clarative saves valuable time for a team of 10 analysts by providing its AI Analytics Assistant in their data investigations and analysis. Beyond the time savings, analysts greatly prefer Clarative’s “conversational investigation.”
Rather than combing through tens of thousands of datasets, writing bespoke SQL queries, pulling data into Excel, and building pivot tables and charts, Analysts iterate on their investigations in Clarative. By connecting Clarative to their data warehouse, these eCommerce analysts are able to build investigations by asking questions of the data asset like “where is there data on customer loyalty and monthly visits.”
From there, Clarative helps analysts author relevant queries and proactively suggests other questions, datasets, and visualizations relevant to their investigation. The Clarative AI Analytics Assistant helps them iterate on their investigation until they’ve arrived at the answers they need.
Finally, building visualizations and reports is now a breeze. Instead of exporting to Excel or PowerBI to visualize data, the analytics team uses Clarative to just describe the visualization they want from a given dataset or derived product.
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