Use Case:

Use Clarative to Increase Sales Productivity
Clarative can enable a 20% increase in sales productivity from prospecting to close along redundant tasks. Customers use Clarative to build comprehensive sales reports, ensure CRM data hygiene, and gain valuable insights about prospects.
Before Clarative dozens of sales leaders and reps faced challenges in consolidating data from various sales systems. They struggled with time-consuming processes to generate sales reports and lacked insights into prospects' behaviors and preferences. This inefficiency led to lower productivity in prospecting and elongated sales cycles.
Solution: Introducing Clarative
Sales teams can use Clarative to ask critical questions with AI assistance across various sales tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, Salesloft, Boost, Drum, Nooks, ZoomInfo, Apollo, (and more). Sales leaders use Clarative to find more prospects like their top customs, see who they need to reconnect with, and better understand where they should dedicate their time in market to win.
Clarative emerged as a transformative solution with several critical features:
  • Automatic Outreach Profile Generation and Third-Party Data Enrichment: Clarative automatically generates detailed profiles of potential leads by integrating internal data with information from third-party sources. This feature ensures a deeper understanding of new prospects, leading to more personalized outreach.
  • AI-Powered Similar Prospect Identification: Upon identifying top profiles, Clarative uses AI-assisted search to find and list other individuals resembling the top prospects, significantly expanding the potential customer base.
  • Assistive Segmentation: Clarative helps account managers answer questions like "Which of my customers got a discount last time?" This feature helps in maintaining pricing consistency and understanding discounting trends.
  • Lead Monitoring with AI Assistance: Clarative tracks leads' engagement, such as their interactions with sales assets and website visits. This real-time monitoring advises sales teams on who to reach out to, optimizing the timing and relevance of sales approaches.
  • Sales Productivity Insights: The tool offers comprehensive insights on sales operations from prospecting to closure, aiding in strategy formulation and execution.
The implementation of Clarative brings an estimated 20% productivity boost to SDRs across associated tasks like prospecting, lead management, and reporting. Specific wins include:
  • Better CRM Hygiene: SDRs using Clarative are more likely to update their prospect lists in their CRM system due to increased transparency
  • Single Interface Querying: Sales teams utilize a single interface to search across sales systems and reports
  • Improved Lead Quality and Engagement: Automatic profile generation and AI-powered insights lead to more qualified leads and better engagement strategies.
  • Lead Management: With real-time data SDRs use Clarative’s AI assistance to determine which prospects they should reconnect with.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: The ability to query in plain English simplifies the process of generating actionable insights and sales reports, leading to more informed decision-making.
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