eCommerce Data Intelligence, Redefined.
Just ask in plain English.

Bypass dashboard scrolling and back-and-forth between analysts, engineers, and stakeholders to get answers, charts, and relevant data sources.
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Uncover Actionable Insights in Real Time
Experience unmatched data analytics, tailored for eCommerce. Receive instant answers, visualize compelling charts, and streamline your journey to actionable insights.
Natural Language Question & Answer
Say goodbye to complex query languages. Word your questions naturally using queries like "What were our top-performing products last month?" and "Which ad campaign yielded the highest ROI?"
Data Discovery, Elevated
Our platform intuitively surfaces relevant datasets, dashboards, and queries, offering you the insights you need, precisely when you need them.
Empower your Analytics team
See how our self-serve investigation capabilities results in faster ad hoc analytics for eCommerce customers.
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A Unified Platform for Insights & Discovery
Instantaneous Insights
Real-time answers to your pressing business questions, accelerating decision-making.
Integrated Interface
Consolidate your analytics. Get a holistic view of everything - from sales trajectories to buyer personas, all in one unified space - without the extra data engineering.
Seamless Collaboration
Minimize the back-and-forth between analysts, engineers, and stakeholders. With our platform, marketing, product, and even finance teams can speak the same data language.
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The Choice of eCommerce Innovators
Spend less time querying and more time understanding and acting.
A dashboard of trends and campaigns
A question-and-answer exampleA table and chart created from a questionA chart driven by AI insights
Step Into the Next Era of eCommerce Data
Position yourself at the forefront of the industry. Eliminate bottlenecks, streamline processes, and empower your entire team with data-driven insights.
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