The AI Co-Pilot for Marketers. Don't Miss an Insight.
Investigate performance in plain english.
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Dive into Complex Investigations
Clarative proactively helps analysts surface key performance drivers such as search demand, SKU-level pricing changes, YoY keyword volume changes, shifts in conversion lag, supply chain information, and more.
Move Beyond the Dashboard
Don’t just answer The What like "how are my campaigns performing" or "where am I seeing the best ROAS?"

Use modern AI to investigate The Why. Identify what drives non-performance and what I can do about it.
Natural Language Question & Answer
Forget complex query languages. Analyze data as naturally as chatting with a team member: "What's driving my product category's underperformance this week?" or "How have our social media engagements trended after our influencer collaboration?" — and receive instant, actionable insights.
Insight and Data Discovery, Tailored for Marketers
Don't know what to ask? Proactively surface trends and information while they're still relevant.

Clarative seamlessly curates crucial datasets, queries, and insights for your marketing needs, letting you focus on strategy over data scavenging and analysis
Empower your Marketing team
See how our self-serve investigation capabilities results in faster ad hoc analytics for marketing customers.
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Empowering Marketing Teams: Solutions at Your Fingertips
Instantaneous Insights
Eliminate the wait. Get answers to on-the-spot questions, enabling proactive campaign adjustments and strategy pivots.
Unified Interface
Forget juggling between multiple dashboards and excel sheets — every insight you need is consolidated here — without the data pipelines.
Holistic Campaign Analysis
Delve deep into every aspect of your campaigns, understand your audience’s journey, and pinpoint opportunities for engagement.
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The Choice of Modern Marketers
Spend less time querying and more time understanding and acting.
A dashboard of trends and campaigns
A question-and-answer exampleA table and chart created from a questionA chart driven by AI insights
Elevate Your Marketing Strategy
Step into the future of data-driven marketing. Break down silos, supercharge your campaigns, and ensure your entire team is aligned with insights that truly make a difference.
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