Navi GPT: A Custom GPT Connector for Google BigQuery that understands how you want to work with your data
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Clarative Context Layer
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Clarative’s context layer combines knowledge of existing data source systems, business nuance, and context about user intent to create a virtual data model, purpose-built to answer your question or to help you discover data.
How to Configure Navi GPT
Follow these steps to configure Navi GPT, Clarative's connector to ChatGPT
1. Open the Navi GPT link  
2. Ask the Navi GPT to help you configure your data by saying What's in my data?  Navi will prompt you to login and configure your BigQuery connection.
3. Create a configuration document for Google BigQuery
1. Open Google Clouds's Service Account Manager under IAM & Admin
2. Select the project you'd like to integrate with ChatGPT and click Create Service Account
3. Provide a name, unique id, and description for the service account and select Create and Continue
4. Required: Grant the service account the following two roles via the dropdown or by searching
BigQuery Data Viewer
BigQuery Job User
5. Click Continue and optionally give additional users access to manage the service account before selecting Done
6. Click into the account you just created and navigate to the Keys tab
7. Click Add Key then Create new key
7. Make sure JSON is selected then click Create
4. Upload your JSON file to Clarative and kickoff setup up for your context layer (including ingesting your metadata) when prompted and select which sources to include or exclude
5. Query BigQuery via your custom ChatGPT
Superpower your BigQuery experience with ChatGPT
Clarative's Custom GPT experience enhances OpenAI's existing natural-language chat functionality to understand your data.
Contextually aware query generation, refinement, and optimization
Dataset and query search with natural language understanding of your BigQuery project
Contextually aware query generation, query refinement, and optimization
Dry run queries before execution
Dynamic result visualization with custom chart creation
Export to Excel/ CSV
ChatGPT + Clarative's groundbreaking Context Layer
Clarative's Context Layer will parse over your BigQuery project and make generated queries 20x more accurate than standard ChatGPT
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Backed by our state-of-the-art Security system
Experience the synthesis of rapid data insights and industry-leading security measures, ensuring every question and answer is both informative and secure.
Flexible Model Options
Configurable meta-LLMs based on security needs, from private Azure models to custom on-prem models. Customer data is never used for model retraining for ChatGPT.
Flexible Deployment Model
Customer data is stored in your own virtual private cloud or secure multi-tenet. environment based on customer need.
All customer data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest.
Authentication via SSO
Auth into Clarative the way you want. Bring your enterprise SSO (OIDC or SAML) and MFA.