Use Case:
Data Governance

Use Clarative to Stay in Compliance
Clarative is the first AI-native, self-documenting tool for enterprise data management and analysis. We are the leader in AI-assisted data governance for large enterprises. Our cutting-edge data context product leverages modern AI and organizational awareness to streamline data annotation and documentation, ensuring compliance with regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. AI proactively assists in looking for relevant breaches specific to the organization.
Clarative can be used to automatically process key data sources to identify PII, sensitive financial information, and potential violations of PCI-DSS. Clarative can identify dozens of incorrectly labeled and mishandled data sources, saving millions of dollars in potential fines from regulators and partner organizations.
Key Features
  • Data self-annotation, tagging, and documentation
  • Dynamic AI-augmented compliance scanning
  • Automated auditing and reporting
  • Data retention monitoring and alerting
  • Lineage and discoverability
  • Internal monitoring and alerting for employee data misuse or security breaches
Key Roles Benefiting from Clarative:
  • Data Governance Officers: Use Clarative for monitoring data compliance, implementing strict data retention policies, and ensuring data localization as per GDPR guidelines.
  • Data Engineers: Leverage Clarative's AI to automatically identify and tag data related to EU citizens, enhancing GDPR compliance efficiency.
  • Security & Compliance Analysts: Define and investigate self-serve metrics specific to the organization and have AI monitor the enterprise data asset for future breaches.
Clarative's AI-native data product significantly streamlines data governance in large enterprises, offering tangible benefits in GDPR and HIPAA compliance, and enhancing the efficiency of data teams through AI-driven self-serve metrics. The product not only improves compliance and operational efficiency but also contributes to better data security, data discoverability, and informed decision-making.
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