The AI Analytics Assistant
Help me build new assets
Clarative’s context layer combines knowledge of existing data source systems, business nuance, and context about user intent to create a virtual data model, purpose-built to answer your question or to help you discover data.
Centralized location for your assets
Clarative organizes team’s queries and charts all in one place, so that you can see what others are building and never have to repeat the same work
Data catalogue
Complete data catalogue of all your sources
Quick access to relevant data
Easily find your highly relevant sources
Ask your data anything
Collectively search all your data at once
Supercharge your query building with natural language
From seamlessly bringing in additional data sources to performing modifications to your data, Clarative's natural language assistant helps you do your work faster.
Query Builder
Generate queries through natural language questions
Natural Language modifications
Easily bring in additional context to your query
Audit Trail
Keep track of your changes and re-investigate previous versions
From a table to a chart in the click of a button
Easily generate any kind of chart from your data, from bar graphs to heat maps, and manipulate the chart display through natural language