The Data Navigator
Uncover my existing assets
Clarative’s context layer combines knowledge of existing data source systems, business nuance, and context about user intent to create a virtual data model, purpose-built to answer your question or to help you discover data.
Organized data at your fingertips
Clarative organizes all your data in an easy-to-navigate fashion. No more struggling through countless tables to find what you’re looking for.
Data catalogue
Complete data catalogue of all your sources
Quick access to relevant data
Easily find your highly relevant sources
Ask your data anything
Collectively search all your data at once
More than just a “simple search”
Talk to your data like you would talk to a person. Clarative surfaces the tables you’re looking for, even when you don’t know what they’re called.
Table previews
Conveniently view a snippet of your data
Intelligent Search
Understand why relevant tables are surfaced
Save and Explore
Explore the data source, or save it for future investigation